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Version: 3.0.0

Change Source Dir

In some special scenarios, you can modify the src directory where the source code is located.

Some restrictions:

    1. @midwayjs/web(egg)egg cannot be modified due to fixed directory
    1. Only pass the test under pure node project (non-integration)

Modification of Source Code Directory

Below, we will change the src directory to server as an example.

dev development

The Dev command in package.json needs to add a source directory to facilitate Dev search.

"dev": "cross-env NODE_ENV=local midway-bin dev --sourceDir=./server --ts ",

build compilation

In order for tsc compilation to find the source directory, it is necessary to modify the tsconfig.json and add rootDir fields.

"compileOnSave": true
"compilerOptions": {
// ...
"rootDir": "server"

In this way, development and compilation are normal.

Modification of Compiled Directory

Compiling the directory affects the deployment and can also be modified. In this example, change the dist directory to build.

build compilation

Modify the outDir field in the tsconfig.json.

"compileOnSave": true
"compilerOptions": {
// ...
"outDir": "build"

So the compilation is normal.

bootstrap startup

After the compilation directory is modified, the online deployment will not find the code, so if the bootstrap.js is started, the code needs to be modified.

// bootstrap.js

const { join } = require('path');
const { Bootstrap } = require('@midwayjs/bootstrap');


// configure method is required to configure baseDir
baseDir: join(__dirname, 'build')

Configure the portal directory for the Bootstrap.