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MidwayNode.js Framework For ""
Reliable & FastClass + IoC = 更优雅的架构 Function + Hooks = 更高的研发效率
API & Fullstack不仅支持开发 API 服务,也提供业界首创的一体化全栈开发模式
Preview - Class SyntaxUse IoC + Decorator to provide better architecture
Midway.js 路由功能完善,支持通过装饰器定义路由,路由前缀等
Preview - Function SyntaxUsing Function + Hooks for rapid application development
Essentials ComponentsAll the features you need for development
ORMTypeORM-based database SDK
RedisIn-memory database for midway.js
SwaggerGenerate API documentation
MongodbNoSQL Database
CacheMemory cache support
OSSAliyun OSS Support
ExamplesLearn the usage of Midway.js
Used byTrusted by these great front-end teams
Develop. Build. Ship.
Midway.js 2018 - NOW      MIT License