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MidwayNode.js Framework For ""
Reliable & FastClass + IoC = 更优雅的架构 Function + Hooks = 更高的研发效率
API & Fullstack不仅支持开发 API 服务,也提供业界首创的一体化全栈开发模式
Preview - Class SyntaxUse IoC + Decorator to provide better architecture
Midway.js 路由功能完善,支持通过装饰器定义路由,路由前缀等
Preview - Function SyntaxUsing Function + Hooks for rapid application development
Essentials ComponentsAll the features you need for development
ORMTypeORM-based database SDK
RedisIn-memory database for midway.js
SwaggerGenerate API documentation
MongodbNoSQL Database
CacheMemory cache support
OSSAliyun OSS Support
ExamplesLearn the usage of Midway.js
RecommendGreat extensions from the open source community
Cool js, 面向未来的后台开发框架
Used byTrusted by these great front-end teams
Develop. Build. Ship.
Midway.js 2018 - NOW      MIT License