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Version: 3.0.0

Common npm problems

1. Do not want to generate package-lock.json

In some cases, the lock version is not particularly easy to use, but there will be many strange problems. We will disable npm's function of generating package-lock.json files.

You can enter the following command.

$ npm config set package-lock false

2. Maximum call stack size exceeded to report an error

Generally, after npm install, npm install a package.


    1. Delete node_modules
    1. Delete package-lock.json
    1. Re-npm install

If there are still problems, you can try to try again using node v14/npm6.

3. Python/Canvas reported an error

Appears when installing jest module using node v15/npm7.

For example: image.png

Solution: Add the --legacy-peer-deps parameter to npm I.

Reason: The test framework Jest relies on jsdom,npm7 will automatically install the canvas package that its peerDependencies depends on, and the installation and compilation of canvas requires a python3 environment.