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Version: 3.0.0

Awesome Midway

The following lists high-quality community projects related to Midwayjs


[@letscollab/midway-nacos][@lnulls]Nawbcmidway nacos component
midway-elasticsearchddzyanMi1dway elasticsearch component
midway-apollohelloHTMidway Ctrip Asynchronous Dynamic Configuration apollo Components
@mwcp/cachewaitingsongmidway Cache Component supports Cacheable, CacheEvict, CachePut decorators
@mwcp/kmorewaitingsongmidway Database QueryBuilder base on Knex, declarative transaction via Transactional decorator, intergrated OpenTelemetry trace
@mwcp/otelwaitingsongmidway OpenTelemetry component supports Trace decorator
midway-throttlerlarryzhuomidway throttler current limiting component


midwayjs-knife4j2JunyiMidway swagger new skin

Template rendering

yuntian001/midway-vite-viewyuntian001The midway vite server-side rendering (ssr)/client rendering (client) component supports vue3 react

Community example

midwayjs-crudDeveloperYvanAn example containing prisma + casbin + nacos + crud
midway-practiceddzyanAn example of three mainstream ORM models (sequelize,typeORM,prisma) including request log link, unified response body, unified exception handling, and exception filter.
midway-bootCode channel heroA relatively complete best practice for back-end functions, including: addition, deletion, modification, check and base class encapsulation, database operation, cache operation, user security authentication and access security control, JWT access credentials, distributed access status management, password encryption and decryption, unified return result encapsulation, unified exception management, Snowflake primary key generation, Swagger integration and support for access authentication, use of environment variables, Docker image construction, Serverless release, etc.
midway-vue3-ssrLiQingSongBased on the SSR framework assembled by Midway and Vue 3, it is simple, easy to learn and use, easy to expand and integrate Midway framework, which is the Vue SSR framework you have always wanted.
midway-learnhbsjmsjwjA demo for learning midway, including midway3 + egg + official Components & extensions (consul, JWT, typeorm, Prometheus, swagger, mysql2, gRPC, RabbitMQ)

Learning materials

Midway development practiceCode channel hero

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