Start A TypeScript Project

In this chapter, web will introduce how development a TypeScript project within the Pandora.js.


module.exports = (pandora) => {
  if( {
    // if started by pandora dev
    // put -r ts-node/register into the worker's definition
    pandora.process('worker').nodeArgs(['-r', 'ts-node/register', '--trace-warnings']);
    // start from the source code
    pandora.service('dashboard', './src/Dashboard').process('worker');
  } else {
    // if started by pandora start, such as the production environment
    // start from the built code
    pandora.service('dashboard', './dist/Dashboard').process('worker');

In local development, use pandora dev, start it from the source code. In production environment, use pandora start, start it from the built code.

Pandora. js has been installed by default with support for sourceMap, and it's error stack is clearly visible.

Last Updated: 9/19/2018, 2:35:44 PM