Trace Each Requests

Supported trace span list

All of the spands mentioned below are implemented and opened by default.

Span Version Desc
http(s).createServer() - All HTTP(S) Server, it also includes npm: koa, npm: express and etc
http(s).request() - All HTTP(S) requests, it also includes npm: request, npm: urllib and etc
npm: mongodb >=2.2.x it also includes ORM Based on mongodb, such as mongoose
npm: mysql ^2.x it also includes ORM Based on mysql, such as sequelize
npm: mysql2 ^1.5 -
npm: ioredis ^3.x -

Other requirements please create a Issue on GitHub.

You can view it via Restful API

curl # my-site 是您的应用名

It can also be viewed through GUI Dashboard, check docs.

about sampling rate

Default sampling rate is:

  rate: process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production' ? 100 : 10,
  // If the trace with the highest priority is out of the sample rate limit,
  // such as a wrong trace.
  priority: true 

Production environment is 10%, otherwise 100%.

That can be changed via global config, docs.

How to add a new kind of spans

You can access all the interfaces about tracing via the single instance TraceManager object.

const {traceManager} = require('dorapan');

Get the current available tracer object via getCurrentTracer(), like:

const tracer = traceManager.getCurrentTracer(); // If not in a trace link, will got a undefined
const span = tracer.startSpan('custom_span');

More please check API References:



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