Monitoring Data Report

Default Reporter

There ara two default reporter for monitor data. They are ConsoleReporter and FileMetricsManagerReporter.

Extend Report

The base interface for monitor data report is Reporter, with start() and stop() method.

All reporter implemented Reporter. You can implement these class as below.

  • Reporter Base interface
  • ScheduledMetricsReporter Scheduled reporter for Metrics
  • ConsoleReporter Console reporter for Metrics
  • FileMetricsManagerReporter File reporter for Metrics
  • CustomReporter Custom reporter
  • TraceReporter Reporter for trace

Custom Report

Here is definition for CustomReporter. You should implement the report method to report your custom data.

class MyReporter extends CustomReporter {


  async report() {
  	// TODO execute report method where interval

The CustomReporter class has two property, metricManager and endPointService. They contain almost every Pandora.js monitor ability.

The metricsManager interface is Here

The endPointService has getEndPoint() method, you can get your need with different EndPoint.

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