Base Monitoring

We have implemented some of the basic monitoring classes and also provide some of the basic functions, will also be gradually added, of course, if you implemented a public monitor module, we also welcome your contribution.


Base classes

Class Description
EndPoint Base Class of all the EndPoint, implemented the basic IPC channel
DuplexEndPoint Basic duplex communication end, such as error collector has inherited this

Some implementation classes

Class Description Resource
ErrorEndPoint Error log collector end, by intercept logger through the IPC forwarding mechanism /error
InfoEndPoint the basic information collector end, such as appName, package.json, working dir and so on /info
MetricsEndPoint Metrics indicators collector end /metrics
HealthEndPoint Health check collector end /health
ProcessEndPoint Process information collector end /process


Base classes

Class Description
Indicator Base class of all the Indicator, implemented the basic IPC channel
DuplexIndicator a duplex communication Indicator base class
HealthIndicator Base class of health check. The default return behavior is standardized, because health checks only need to return to success or failure

Some implementation classes

Class Description
DiskSpaceHealthIndicator implemented the disk health check
PortHealthIndicator implemented the TCP port health check
BaseInfoIndicator implemented collector of the basic information
ConfigIndicator implemented collector of the runtime information
ErrorIndicator implemented collector of the application error
NodeIndicator implemented collector of the Node.js information
ProcessIndicator implemented collector of the process information


Base classes

A custom implementation can be inherited.

Class Description
ScheduledMetricsReporter Base class for output the metrics, timing execution
CustomReporter Base class for output the custom monitoring

Built-in implementation classes

Class Description
ConsoleReporter Output Metrics to the command line
FileMetricManagerReporter Output Metrics to the file


We have implemented some basic MetricsSet, which has collected the basic Metrics of the application.

Class Description
V8GaugeSet.ts The indicator of the v8
CpuUsageGaugeSet.ts CPU usage
DiskStatGaugeSet.ts DISK usage
NetTrafficGaugeSet.ts Net traffic monitoring
SystemLoadGaugeSet.ts System load
SystemMemoryGaugeSet.ts Memory Monitoring
TcpGaugeSet.ts TCP data Monitoring
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