Health Check

Pandora.js provide HealthEndPoint for health check, with path /health.

We provide basic checks by default, such as disk check, port check. If you need adjust them, please edit the global config.

We provide a client to collect data for HealthEndPoint, and interface HealthIndicator. You only need to do is implement the interface.

For example, if you need to check remote server, just implement the doCheck method.

import 'HealthIndicator, HealthBuilder' from 'dorapan';
import * as cp from 'child_process';

export class RemoteUrlHealthIndicator extends HealthIndicator {
  name = 'remote_url';

  doCheck(builder) {
    // check remote
    let result = cp.execSync(`curl -s --connect-timeout 1 -o /dev/null -w "%{http_code}"`);
    if (result.toString() === '200') {
    } else {

The method doCheck hava a parameter builder to help you return result. Use builder.up() for success and builder.down() for failure.

Now, visit http://127.1:8006/health to get health check result named as remote_url.

  status: 'UP',
  remote_url: {
    status: 'UP'

Result object is defined by class HealthResource. The result status is a summary,it result failure if any check fails('UP' for success, 'DOWN' for failure).

Last Updated: 9/19/2018, 2:35:44 PM