Log Management

Log directory structure

Based on the directory specification, we have agreed on the following directory structure.

loggDir default is ~/logs, that can be changed via global config, please check the following sections.

- ${loggDir}
	- pandorajs
		- deamon.log // Pandora.js deamon log
		- metrics.log 
	- $appName
		- nodejs_stdout.log // nodejs ouput log
		- error.log // Application of self-defined log files
	- $appName2 // application use egg framework
		- nodejs_stdout.log
		- common-error.log
		- ... 

Node. js standard output

  1. Pandora. js will write stdout at ${logsDir}/${appName}/nodejs_stdout.log
  2. log will be reload by date

Log default configuration

Log behavior can be configured by global configuration, like:

  logger: {
    logsDir: join(homedir(), 'logs'), // log directory
    appLogger: { // Log configuration for each application, basically stdout
      stdoutLevel: 'NONE', // Please make sure you do not change this configuration by default without output to the stdout of daemon
      level: 'INFO' // Default record INFO information, such as application start or stop, is recommended to keep INFO
    isolatedServiceLogger: false // Service log is scattered into a single log file, it is recommended to keep false

Log Level

  1. ALL - All level
  2. DEBUG - DEBUG and below
  3. INFO - INFO and below
  4. WARN - WARN and below
  5. ERROR - ERROR and below
  6. NONE - No output

Create custom logs

You can create by require('dorapan').getService('logger').createLogger(name, config) ,and config is defined as follows下:

  dir: string; // log directory
  stdoutLevel: string; // stdout level,default is ERROR
  level: string; // the log of file ouput level,default is WARN
  type: string; // the type of log cutting type, optional date and size,default is date
  rotateDuration?: number; // the check during time of log file size to cut,unit is millisecond
  maxFiles?: number; // The maximum number of file by size cut
  maxFileSize?: number; // The maximum file size by sise cut

More detail LoggerService

Connect to log service


Automatic log cleaning

Pandora.js has cut the log by day (or size), and does not provide log cleaning. You can configure a simple crontab for~ / logs, like similar tutorial

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