A Manageable, Measurable and Traceable Node.js Application Manager

Quick Start →

# install to global
npm i pandora -g
# or install in your application
npm i pandora --save


Pandora.js required Node.js version >= 8。


Convenient application management

Through the procfile custom configuration format, you can easily increase or decrease the process, and different applications can enjoy the custom process management, at the same time, the ability of the daemon, the stability of the application is greatly enhanced, and there will be no trouble of crashing.


Through the latest Node.js Tracking Technology, Pandora.js can track the embedded point of common modules in the industry, and output the Common Open-Tracing format's dot-making logic. After a certain data analysis, the application can clearly find its own bottleneck, data Optimization and logical analysis.

General Data System

Pandora.js output common monitoring data in the industry through the restful API and log file, which can be connected to its own data analysis platform, so that node. js application monitoring has a data base. The Sandbox platform produced by midwayjs can also provide easy access to data and generate elegant reports.