Future oriented full-stack web framework

Quickly Start →

# Install toolkit
npm install -g midway-init
# Init a project
# Install dependences
npm install
# Run the application
npm run dev


midway requires Node.js >= 10.16.0.



The most special feature of Midway is using the IoC mechanisms for dependences management, which could extremely help us improving the maintainability and extensibility in the Web development. So, the principle is developers do not need to concern the creating and deleting of Object, and do focus on the complex business logic.

Future Oriented

Enjoy the develop experience of Typescript, enhanced syntax and interface oriented programing, which connecting the future convinence. According to the decorators and IoC, the development become easier and team-friendly, that we could concentrate more on business logic coding and reduce the dependencies problem.

Inclusive Community

Midway is compatible with Koa middlewares and various Eggjs plugins, which reduce the cost of development and studying so that developers can quickly start or migrate. At the same time, Midway also provide many tools to help users to get start. The IoC module is individual part, we can separate it from framework, which decouples logic and it's easy to migrate the code to different frameworks or places.