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Version: 3.0.0

typeorm:Model Generator

Thank community user @youtiao66 for providing this module.

With this tool, you can quickly create a TypeORM Model for Midway.


For example, generate a mysql model.

# Recommended
# Please replace the configuration information
$npx mdl-gen-midway -h localhost -p 3306 -d yourdbname -u root -x yourpassword -e mysql --noConfig --case-property none

Full parameters:

Usage: npx mdl-gen-midway -h <host> -d <database> -p [port] -u <user> -x
[password] -e [engine]

--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
-h, --host IP address/Hostname for database server
[default: ""]
-d, --database Database name(or path for sqlite) [required]
-u, --user Username for database server
-x, --pass Password for database server [default: ""]
-p, --port Port number for database server
-e, --engine Database engine
[choices: "mssql", "postgres", "mysql", "mariadb", "oracle", "sqlite"]
[default: "mssql"]
-o, --output Where to place generated models
[default: "./output"]
-s, --schema Schema name to create model from. Only for mssql
and postgres. You can pass multiple values
separated by comma eg. -s scheme1,scheme2,scheme3
--ssl [boolean] [default: false]

--noConfig Doesn't create tsconfig.json and
ormconfig.json [Boolean] [Default: false]

--cp, --case-property Convert property names to specified case
[Optional values: "pascal", "camel", "snake", "none"] [Default value: "camel"]